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Courtyard of Ishq Luxury Villa in Colombo, Sri Lanka View of the Sea from Ishq Luxury Villa in Galle Living Area of Ishq Luxury Villa Colombo Swimming Pool of Ishq Luxury Villa in Galle

Welcome Home

Thank you for choosing Ishq.

We welcome you to our house which became our home, a place where we built our family on the values that we now share with you at Ishq. For us, a home is not a place, it’s a feeling and when we are at Ishq, we feel serenity, contentment and heartfelt joy.

The word Ishq has its roots in Sufism which translates to Divine Love. We hope we can share this experience of love and respect with you during your stay with us, and that it adds meaning to your life. This is the core spirit of Ishq Villas and a culture we wish for you to remember fondly.

Be part of our Ishq family and our home which is now yours to stay. 

Our Collection

‘Ishq’ is a brand that desires to offer an exclusive, intimate and luxurious stay in the homes of its inspiring owner, a brand that offers an informal yet professional bespoke service, one that evokes stories and memories and is at its heart has ‘passion’ and ‘love’ as its guiding principles.